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Track Name: Places Unseen
reaching empty shorelines
she will call from the still pines
mist swirls in the cold breeze
words will fall in this deep freeze
on to grounds rough with frozen tears
if she could reach through their trepidation
hold off their tears, hold back the knife
grieving hearts seeking intoxication
numbing this pain, numbing this life

earth prepares another show
the actors plays their part, shouting their art
pure color unseen, they'll never know, never know
focusing on black on white
art and real life facing head on, swords drawn

standing in the clearing
reaching hands disappearing
Track Name: Songs Unheard
no one sees the world she dreams while sleeping
and no one feels her pain
so softly she slips away

in a distant time and place he sees her
as sounds that can't be made
echo through the hollow walls of his mind
tries to find their key

she seeks to be found
he seeks his new sound

and a song that can't be heard still calls him
and filled with love and hope
he tries to make her see what just can't be seen

the major led the minors underground
the world grew unaware of art in sound
she slowly grew apart from humankind
he found a better world within his mind
they shared their heart in hope of being heard
but no one felt inclined to hear a word
Track Name: The Sheltering Cove
freed from her cruel embrace
jewels fall from winter's face
winds from a warmer place
scatter without a trace

waves of sorrow wax and wane
yielding shores absorb the pain of a cold sea
in the cove the wicked fail
heroes ride, and good prevails
choose you fantasy

seasons of blue and gray
reasons that fight for sway
lost in the sea and spray
sleep changing tides away
Track Name: Boats
moments are flashes, blinding and gone
i saw you standing, then i moved on

insecurity has found a voice
visibility becomes a choice
still we're just boats
never seem to touch
never seem to care too much

we follow winds blowing mindless
without a plan or thought

on the island where my heart was raised
covered in dust, ruins full of rust
once the base for learning trust
boats, beautifully they pass
blades upon a sea of glass

winds blow without a pattern
so many sails we pass
people, once seen, forgotten
never to meet again

i saw you standing, then i moved on...