The Search For Joy

by cirrus bay

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released March 31, 2014

Anisha Norflet: Vocals
Bill Gillham: Guitars, Keyboards, Mandolin, AutoHarp, Recorder, vocals
Mark Blasco: Bass Guitar, Drums & Percussion, vocals
Sarah Sanderson: Viola
Sharra Acle: Vocals

Special Guests:

Amy Darby: Vocals (5)
Phil Mercy: Guitar Solo (8)

A special thanks to Amy Darby and Phil Mercy of THIEVES' KITCHEN for appearing on our cd!



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cirrus bay Buckley, Washington

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Track Name: Song of the Wind
Winds blow down from the hills
Tomorrow I will feel it still
In the spirit inside, the world that we hide
Music holds the keys
To doors we lock, turns back the clock
What this world could be
Through doors that stay open and free

If your world has moved on
Feelings remain though the moment is gone
And the song that sounds new resonates in you
Though you've long endured experience in dissonance
The love that once burned
I'm waiting to feel it again

Every step we take, each decision that we make
Changes us to who we'll be one day

You throw stones in the pond
In words you say, in future days
Waves will touch your shore
I'm waiting to feel it some more
Waiting to feel the song of the wind
Track Name: Cotton Skies
Uniquely created, everyone related, yet so far apart
World so intrusive, dodging those abusive hearts
Summer has gone astray, all you see is gray
Color so hard to find, deep within you waiting within your mind
One perfect day

Feeling familiar, reaching is peculiar when unrecognized
Feeling forgotten, searching for those cotton skies
You're not what you've been told, watch your world unfold
Exposing our secret shame, can't reveal that we'd rather just be loved
Than play this game

Places you've never been bordering the familiar
People you've never known bending your fragile heart

Marveling at the crowd bent on the unimportant
Major connections missed while minor moments pass

If isolation results in self-serving
And serving self seems to leave us all unsatisfied
Than searching for joy seems to be an illusion
And giving and sharing would yield the greatest happiness
Track Name: Me and Wokara
The air was thick, the day felt strange
We did not think our lives would change

They came with knives and their black book
Can't count the lives that they all took
Wokara and I, though we watched 'til we cried
We knew how to hide

Before we slipped into the range
I heard them utter something strange
That God was the source of their big black book
So I just had to look

Me and Wokara, we ran like the wind
But not before I crept and took this black book

Very hard to understand, but it consumed me 'til I learned
Of the future of our world, a paradise I soon discerned
Stumbled across 'you must not murder'
This is what their book said this they can't have read

Me and Wokara, we run like the wind
While they make war, their book makes peace
And we wait for paradise
Track Name: Out of the Box
Joy was hurt when she was young, forcing her inside
Now she must pay to be able to step outside again
Mundania will seldom knock, forcing its presence
Through unlocked doors, unlocked windows
Feel the change in the air

So many shores with so much potential
Buried beneath waves of non-essential

Heart so full of flowers, on the verge of bloom
Gazing from her wild exotic room
Connecting dreams on a page like dots

Beyond there runs a country lane
Winding, finding beauty and love in the distance
Let it wind through your heart
Out of the box we could step completely

Fight for your right to express your passion
Beauty and love never out of fashion
So no need to ration
Track Name: Waking Wild
Feeling justified, charasmatic pride sets his heart in motion
Captured by his grin, she is taken in, captured by emotion
Into the waking wild to lead the herds, trusting in words
Politics and greed, this religious need, hero for an hour
Insubstantial trust, obscenities and lust for a name and power
This radio is wired to transmit, but not receive

Its the world of empty dreams, drifting not quite what it seems
Paint deceit over grief, how deep?
Words are shelter from the storm, build a house to keep me warm
Raging wind, pushing in, how long? how long?

So convincing, very sly, every lie
Joy will give her energy, and slowly disappear
Track Name: A Door Into Yesterday
Track Name: The August Zone
See the smoke rise from the mountain snow
One more artist gone, so hard to let it go
From this shelter, watching summer bloom
Safe within my room
Reaching outside through a secret door
Into yesterday, a face I've seen before
There among sweet sage and jasmine free
I reach back to me

Forest shadow, fade to bright
Morning meadow, gone by night

My world rushing, a raging river's cry
One more summer gone, so hard to say goodbye
Traces fading, will joy rise again
My long lost friend
Track Name: Learning To Fly
I want to be with you tomorrow And all the moments to come
When we grow younger, and learn to fly. The strength within you

Days come crashing on your shore
Waves of sadness never more
No one answers unseen doors
Tried to rest my heavy heart
In cold places torn apart
That cry for love and long for art
Come around and see the change, time to rearrange It may seem so strange, 'til one starts to understand

The love that hides within your eyes
Hoping that you will realize
This love for you to find, the risk is in your changing mind
Over the rainbow can't we fly?
Who sets the limit in the sky?
I see no reason why the expectation can't be high, very high

It's said that we can live forever
Here on an earth without war
Where no one suffers, we finally fly